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Benefits of Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

“Life is sweet when we focus on what gives our life meaning and purpose,” says Rev Janice Cary. “As a Life Coach I help people clarify their life’s intentions and introduce life skills to gently turn away from the internal chatter of doubt, which is normal, and an indication you are up to something big.”

Coaching supports people in taking authentic action steps to meet those intentions. Whether it’s a wish to be successful in a career, to be in healthy relationships, to be a masterful teacher or parent, a Life Coach creates a safe space where one can learn to shift from self-limiting stories onto a vision that infuses joy into life. The miracle is the change of perception that occurs when a client realizes a successful life lies in trusting and following one’s heart. A life coach gives one skills to surrender the stories and see what is true.

“Spiritual Counseling helps people reconnect to their Spiritual nature where an energy of inner peace, compassion and guidance is revealed,” says Cary. “Knowing we are connected to the Universe, life takes on a rhythmic flow. As one taps into inner wisdom, it is possible to experience more synchronicity and grace.”

Rev Janice Cary is an Ordained Unity Minister and serves at Unity of Fort Pierce. She is a Certified Life Coach through the Academy of Coaching Excellence. To schedule an appointment call Rev Janice at 772-812-2895.