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Qi Revolution National Event Features Professor Tanya Storch

The Qi Revolution’s national event will be held May 19 to 21 at the Daytona Ocean Center. Thousands of people will come together to practice Qigong under one roof for 3 days. There will be special guests on hand to share their knowledge including Professor Tanya Storch, an expert on Tao and world religions. Jeff Primack, Qigong Practitioner and producer of The Qi Revolution, attributes the immigration of Professor Tanya Storch to the United States as a catalyst for the Qi Revolution conference, which is attended by over 50,000 Americans.

Professor Tanya Storch was raised in the high northern Ural Mountains and spent summers with her grandmother, a member of a small ethnic minority who secretly practiced an ancient religion on venerations of natural forces. It was during this time that her primordial Qi was awakened. Born in Leningrad, Soviet Union and educated by the Communist regime, she was trained to love a tiny metal star with the face of “Grandpa Lenin.” “God saved me from this madness by leading me to a master teacher of Qigong and Taoist psychology,” says Storch. “Through years of meditation and knowledge of 5-Elements, I learned to save energy from conflicts and to increase the energy in my body.” Storch studied with this master for many years, as well as with Russian Orthodox Priests and Buddhist Lamas.

In Buddhism and Orthodox Christianity, the human body is viewed as a temporary temple filled with eternal light, spirit and consciousness. Purification of the temple is viewed as high priority. Urged by her clergy friends, Storch explored challenging forms of physical-spiritual purification, including going for days without food. Storch endured arrests, interrogations and other forms of political persecution in her country. Her unique, Qigong knowledge was instrumental in creating conditions of hopeful energy as her family went through immigration in Austria, Italy and the United States. “When one understands the 5-Elements, one understands their own mind patterns, magnetic field and how to make its vibration stronger,” says Storch.

Participants who wish to learn qigong can attend this training and enjoy a lineup which includes: Qigong Routines, Breath Empowerment, Meditation, Food-Healing, Tui Na Massage and “Collective Qi” which results from so many people practicing in unison. Professor Tanya Storch and Dr. Roger Jahnke, OMD, another expert of Qigong, will be speaking. Qi Revolution is non-denominational and promotes connection with God, the Tao, Great Spirit, and teaches that sincere heart and posture matters most. “The intention of gathering is to unify across cultures for Qigong to reveal our higher human potential,” says Primack.

The Qi Revolutions National event is $149 for 3 days. It is open to the public. Fire, police and military servicemen admitted free. Seating Limited. Visit for more information and event tickets or call 800-298-8790.