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Smile Connections to Health and Balance: Claire Stagg, DDS

Wholistic Dentistry offer connections to a healthy smile, a robust body and a focused mind, in other words, a balanced life. Dr. Claire Stagg will share with you the tools to change your life by positively affecting the airway, speech, communication, growth, sleep, neurology, biology, endocrinology and basic body chemistry by creating balance.

We as human beings need to breathe and to swallow. Through a merging of quantum physics, quantum biology and interdisciplinary medicine, Dr. Stagg will explain how a ‘whole body’ approach allows her to find ways to work with a patient (or a patient’s parents) to create, adapt and apply an individualized solution. She will share how you can achieve restful sleep, eliminate snoring and symptoms from allergies, sinusitis, and more. She will explain how you can have healthy beautiful smiles while your body works in perfect harmony.

As a biological dentist, Dr. Stagg hosts discussions regarding the management of head, neck and facial pain and sleep-breathing disorders. She is a certified provider for DNA Appliance Therapy. Dr. Stagg received her Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Odontology, Bordeaux, France in 1982, her fellowship in 2008, and her Masters of Science from Tufts in 2011. She has been involved with various educational programs for patients of all ages promoting good dental hygiene as well as teaching other dental professionals about dental whole body connections.  In her environmentally-friendly green office, Health Connections Dentistry, Dr. Stagg and her staff help patients of all ages achieve healthy smiles. She is located at 2120 Highway A1A in Indian Harbour Beach.

For more information visit her booth on Sponsor Row, call 321-777-2797 or visit

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