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Stress and Your Gut

Nov 29, 2016 05:14PM ● By By Candice Klein Gordon

The fight or flight chemical response to a child running in front of your car, getting married, or getting ready for the holidays, all prepare the body for extreme reactions. During these times of stress, happy or sad, perceived or real, the body focuses all attention on the muscles, heart, lungs and circulation and shuts down digestive functions which command a great deal of energy, unnecessary during times of crisis.

As we head into the Holidays with family, parties, rich food and sweets, and alcohol, it’s good to remember that we may not be able to digest all that we consume. This is a great time to take digestive enzymes with meals to support the body with additional ammo to handle the extra food. Gentle eating, putting down the fork or appetizer between bites, will encourage complete chewing, and probiotics taken before bed will amp up regularity and nutrient alchemy.

Candice Klein Gordon has been a licensed massage and colon hydro therapist since 1988 and owns Health Connections: Massage and Colon Hydrotherapy in Indialantic. She may be reached at 321-725-8347.