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Healing & Love, Pass It On

Aug 26, 2016 04:42PM

You really should come with me, just to hear the music!” My mom often encouraged me to come to her church because she wanted me to enjoy the wonderful musicians. She loved the uplifting experience and wanted to share it with friends and family. “Music is the soundtrack of our lives, whether we’re aware of it or not,” says Kathleen Barnes in Music as Medicine [page 26] “It exists within, uniting and guiding us, and has helped heal body and spirit since the dawn of humanity.” I have explored several websites that offer meditation and healing music and have found a few selections that are very soothing for me. Having experienced this phenomenon, it is easy to embrace the concept of sound healing.

My mother was an advocate for natural health and healing. She introduced me to the concepts long before I began publishing and she was an excited supporter of this magazine. This month, in honor of her, we acknowledge Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. A little over a year ago I was unaware of this disease. I was familiar with breast, prostate and other types of cancers. After spending time in chemotherapy treatment rooms with other families it became clear that early detection and awareness were key to survival of any kind of cancer. Some types provoke travel to reach specialists that are the best in their field. Others, breast and prostate in particular, are extremely well-researched and have many treatment avenues available to patients. And then some cancers, like ovarian cancer, fly under our radar and are in desperate need of awareness and research to allow for early detection. It is our hope that with the information in this issue we can raise awareness and touch lives in a positive manner.

This month we bring you a variety of tips for home and healing. Learn a few small steps that can make the difference for a lower water footprint [page 36]. Find tips for keeping a pet-friendly home clean [page 34]. To celebrate Yoga Month, try some restorative yoga poses that foster healing [page 32]. Enjoy some new recipes for a plant-based lunch [page 28]. And make sure you know how to spot high-fructose corn syrup on a label [page 16]. Small choices can make a big difference, especially when we share our experience with those around us.

Here’s to healing and love, pass it on.

Kris Urquhart, Publisher

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