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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Structured Water and Colonics in Indialantic

Aug 01, 2016 04:05PM

Health Connections: Massage & Colon Hydrotherapy announces the addition of a Structured Water device as part of the already filtered and purified water system for colon irrigations to improve energy, hydration and overall health.

“Ever notice how clean the air smells and how green the grass is after a rain?” asks owner Candice Klein Gordon. “Snow, rainwater, water moving over a waterfall or rocks in a river all share structured water molecules. This tumbling through nature makes structured water perfectly pH balanced, energized with more hydrogen and oxygen molecules and actually wetter. The water is changed from larger, low energy clusters into smaller, high energy clusters that take up less space.”

Dr. Gerald Pollack, of the University of Washington, has studied how structured water interacts with cells. His research suggests that an increase in hydration of cells increases cellular healing.

“Structured Water devices, designed by physicist Clayton M. Nolte, work at the molecular level altering the structure of any water by activating and retaining the healthful benefits of minerals, while at the same time neutralizing the harmful effects,” says Gordon. “These Structured Water devices employ the vortex phenomenon, replicating the water of a river crashing down a mountainside, creating water molecules energetically alive, fresh and vibrant.”

Candice Klein Gordon has actively researched natural health and healing both personally and professionally since 1980. She can be contacted at 321-725-8347 for consultations or appointments.

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