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Prolotherapy: A Nonsurgical Solution to Resolving Chronic Pain

Apr 02, 2016 12:12PM ● By Sylvie Morin

The Gallup Organization of Princeton surveyed American adults regarding pain. Their report was entitled “Pain in America.” The report found that 89% of adult Americans have “some sort of pain on a monthly-or-more basis” while 42% experienced pain daily. The report also found that 39% would not take medication due to the side effects.

Pain is a physical distress somewhere in the body. Pain that persists for more than 6 months is chronic and can lead to other problems: sleeplessness, anger, depression, energy drain and weakened immune system.

Worldwide, musculoskeletal conditions are the most common causes of severe long-term pain and physical disability. Musculoskeletal pain is usually due to a problem involving the joint; pain occurs when ligament strength becomes compromised and can no longer keep the joint stable. Trauma, surgery, childbirth and sport injuries can weaken ligaments as well as medications, repetitive movements, arthritis and general aging. Some people are just born sort of “loose jointed”.

Prolotherapy is a safe nonsurgical method of treatment, which stimulates the body to locally form fibrous connective tissue to strengthen the attachments of ligaments and tendons. Dextrose (sugar) is injected where the ligaments attach to the unstable joint. Its irritating effect causes an inflammatory event as if the patient had just injured themselves. Subsequently, a healing response that involves the production of healthy fibrin, collagen and cartilaginous fibers will form to improve structure strength, function and ameliorate or alleviate pain.

C. Everett Koop, MD (Surgeon General) was told to expect a life of chronic pain. His personal experience in getting total relief was so impressive that he began to offer prolotherapy to the parents of his pediatric patients.

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