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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Where Science and the Healing Arts Meet

Terry Mindfulness Center in Vero Beach helps individuals connect with themselves and one another to enhance the values that will enrich their lives through counseling, healing sciences, professional coaching and mindfulness meditation, which are all offered by a dedicated and caring group of professionals.

Terry Mindfulness Center works with a variety of populations including couples, families and corporations. People come to the center for assistance with anxiety, depression, grief, caregiver burnout, life and career coaching, creativity enhancement, anger-management, PTSD, trauma, addiction, weight loss, personal transformation, spirituality and EAP.

Terry Mindfulness Center presents workshops by the professionals of the Center: Lisa Terry LCSW-Psychotherapy and Mindfulness/Meditation, Gail Lois Jaffe LMHC-Psychotherapy and Brennan Healing Science, Jeanne Jessup Professional Coach-Corporate Facilitation and Professional Coaching, and Nikki Rodriguez RMHCI- Psychotherapy and EMDR. In addition, the Center offers a venue for world-renowned healers to conduct workshops on related topics

Terry Mindfulness Center LLC, 333 17th St Ste 2T, Vero Beach. 772-564-0406. [email protected].