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Strategies for Overcoming Health Obstacles

Mar 03, 2016 02:17PM

Jenn Albers is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Gluten-Free Practitioner with Functional Medicine Studies, who specializes in Holistic Nutrition, Digestive Disorders and Auto Immune Conditions. Albers helps each person discover what works best for their unique body and lifestyle by developing strategies to overcome the obstacles that interfere with optimal health.

Whether it is losing weight, emotional eating, reducing stress, improving sleep or lowering risks of chronic conditions, Albers will involve creativity, enthusiasm and guidance for every individual to reclaim better health through making conscious food choices, aiding in daily routines such as shopping, cooking, juicing, positive living and self-care. She addresses the variables in each person and their own bio individuality and equips each with the tools for success. She specializes helping busy professionals and corporate wellness.

Jenn Albers is available via phone, email, Skype or in-person. She also offers complimentary educational seminars on various topics and guest speaking in-office or at outside locations. Space Coast Advanced Health, 299 N Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach. 321-783-1960. [email protected].

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