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The Point Acupuncture Grand Opening

Angela King, AP, DOM and the team behind Indian River Acupuncture are pleased to announce the Grand Opening of their new venture, The Point Acupuncture Clinic in downtown Vero Beach. The Point offers affordable acupuncture in private rooms or group setting for a $40 fee.

In describing the vision for The Point, King states, “The current models for acupuncture offices are generally private practice or community acupuncture. There are limitations inherent in both of those settings, cost being one for some and privacy being another for others.  We are merging these models to offer the best of both. The Point allows everyone to incorporate acupuncture into their health regimen, with full privacy, affordable fees, walk-in appointments, and expert treatments.”

Allison Snowden, AP, DOM will be the primary acupuncturist at The Point. Allison received her acupuncture education and began her career in San Diego, CA. She is skilled in the treatment of a variety of health concerns including pain, stress, fatigue, insomnia, digestive problems and wellness care.

The Point is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and no appointment is necessary. An open house celebration is slated for Friday March 4th from 5 to 8 p.m., 1926 14th Avenue. Call 772-564-8383 or visit for more information.