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New Patient Classes at RHMD

Mar 03, 2016 02:20PM

Radiantly Healthy MD is now offering 3 new patient classes. Balancing Hormones: learn how hormones affect your health and the simple steps you can take to turn back the clock and get them balanced again. Anti-Aging and Optimal Health: understand the 6 main bio-markers of health and how you can slow down, and even reverse, the signs of aging with simple lifestyle changes. Overcoming Autoimmune Diseases: this class is designed for people who have already been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and would like to peel back the layers and understand the root cause and the steps to symptom-free living.

These semi-private classes offer new patients an opportunity to establish themselves with Radiantly Healthy MD, learn about their health concerns from a functional medicine perspective, and understand how Dr. Hunton and her staff will treat the root cause rather than the symptoms. All patients receive a lab order and a follow up visit to review their results and begin their journey to becoming Radiantly Healthy. New patients save $150-$350 by attending a class rather than schedule a new patient visit.

RHMD is located at 150 Fifth Ave, Suite C, Indialantic. For more information call 321-254-6803 or to learn more about Dr. Rebecca Hunton, visit

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