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The Gut Connection

Jan 02, 2016 11:01AM ● By Chip Griffin

The path through the gut is one of the most important choices to improve your health.  According to Dr. Perlmutter in his book Brain Maker, he states, “The gut is linked to your overall health.” In addition, the biggest concern causing health issues today is inflammation because of poor diet. When inflammation is allowed to persist, it can cause many illnesses.

In the early 20th century, scientists and researchers began to realize that toxic chemicals manufactured in the gut from various foods could affect mood and brain function.  One interesting note in Brain Maker indicates that major depression is often accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. So, in order to change the mood, the nutrients going through the gut must be changed. Often this requires addition of a probiotic to ensure a variety of strains of healthy bacteria.

Dr. Emeran Mayer, a professor of medicine, physiology, and psychiatry stated the following at a UCLA press release: “The knowledge that signals are sent from the intestine to the brain and that they can be modulated by a dietary change is likely to lead to an expansion of research aimed at finding new strategies to prevent or treat digestive, mental and neurological disorders.” This is a key discovery that could have a huge nutritional influence on our society as people realize the true importance of good nutrition.

Good gut flora through good nutrition and probiotics is being shown to provide benefit to overall good health. It can balance, reduce or even eliminate many health issues such as: dementia, mood issues, inflammation, anxiety, depression, allergies, fatigue, pain, weight gain, low energy, and much more.

To improve your diet, eat more greens and fruits, reduce carbohydrates, sugars, and bad fats.  Dr. Perlmutter’s recommends that we add fiber and probiotics to our diet, and consume more vegetables.

Nature’s Healthy Harvest currently has a wide variety of high-quality supplemental products including wheat grass, liquid chlorophyll, alfalfa, superfoods, chlorella, CBD hemp oil, and more.  For more information, stop by Nature’s Healthy Harvest at 2330 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne or call 321-610-3989.

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