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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

No More Mood Swings Workshop

On January 23, from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., the No More Mood Swings workshop will be held at Thee House of Yoga in Indialantic. Attendees will experience the ancient techniques of acupuncture, meditation and massage with essential oils as they go on a journey of turning emotional weaknesses into wisdoms. The workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Jeanne Maguire of Ageless Natural Medicine. 

“Many of us are overworked, suffer from the blahs, or are very sensitive to life's pains.   Emotional imbalances and upsets can happen to all of us,” states Maguire. “Anger, anxiety, depression, fatigue… all stress is sourced from your mind. When the mind resists life, thoughts arise. When something happens that conflicts with a belief, turmoil sets in. Thought is an unconscious reaction to life. Once you understand the source clearly, you'll see the ripples of your mind have nothing to do with you.” 

Thee House of Yoga is located at 412 5th Avenue in Indialantic. To register for the workshop, call 321-757-4047 or visit Cost of $49 includes raffles, gifts and refreshments. Ageless Natural Medicine, 3270 Suntree Blvd, Ste 2233, Melbourne.

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