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Healthy Drinking Water at Home

Pasqual DeSimone, known as Pat the Plumber from Real Radio, is excited to offer water systems that create healthy drinking water at home. DeSimone sells, installs and services new water systems, either carbon filtration using city water or reserve osmosis with well water. He also services exiting water filtration and softening systems. “I’ll sell you only what you need,” says DeSimone.

DeSimone started his own water business called AAAH WATER GUY in January of 2000. After working for many years with several large plumbing and water softener companies, he realized the importance of healthy drinking water and the importance of great customer service. “I pride myself in being a one-man operation that treats everyone who calls like family,” adds DeSimone. “Drinking water is my specialty. Like my motto says ‘Why buy bottled?  Make your own.’” He feels that creating your own drinking water at home both saves money and helps the environment.

DeSimone brings 30 years of plumbing experience to each job while serving Titusville to Barefoot Bay. Free consultations and free estimates available.

For more information, visit or call 321-726-9664.

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