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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Energy Healing for Implanted Medical Devices at Auravinda

For many people the pain and discomfort of having an implanted medical device (IMD) is more than purely physical. In fact, it’s not uncommon for sensitive individuals to feel that something foreign is inside their body. This discomfort can lead to emotional distress, which generally worsens the situation. Using high sense perception to perceive and manipulate the human energy field, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner Karen Stresau is able to relieve most of the discomfort of IMDs by bringing the vibration of the device into alignment with the person’s energy field. This type of healing is both non-invasive and affordable, plus it can be done without the client being physically present via distance healing.

“This type of discomfort can be hard to discuss with your doctor, but as a healer it makes perfect sense to me.  It’s caused by vibrational disparity, but fortunately that’s something easy to repair.” says Stresau. “I’ve had great success shifting the energetic vibration of IMDs with the clients I’ve treated. Many of them report feeling 100% better after only one or two healings.”

Auravinda offers Massage, Healing, a 90-minute combination of both, Lymphatic Drainage, Thai Poultice Massage and Spa Packages. The office is located at 104 N. Ramona in Indialantic. Call 321-543-8587 or visit