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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Energy Healing for Couples

Auravinda Healing and Massage is now offering energetic couples therapy based on techniques developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan. Karen Stresau, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, uses high sense perception to observe relationship cords, chakras and energetic streamers and uses this information to help couples become more aware of what their energy fields are doing when they interact. Couples are taught how to stop negative interactions and how to help one another heal energetic defense patterns. Sessions also include emotional process work as well as exercises the couple can practice at home.

“This is beautiful work that can bring a couple closer than traditional talk therapy alone as it gets to the heart of negative relationship patterns,” says Karen. “These patterns develop early in life and become habitual, but they are often destructive. This approach enables couples to utilize the potential for personal and spiritual growth in their relationship.”

Auravinda Healing & Massage also offers healing work for individuals as well as lymphatic massage and healing/massage combinations. The office is located at 104 N. Ramona, Indialantic. Call 321-543-8587 or on the web at