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Allergy-Free Music Lessons

Carol Nethen West, composer, pianist and music teacher has opened an allergy-free studio on Orchid Island, near Wabasso Beach in Indian River County. West asks her students and families to be mindful of her fragrance-free studio policy.

A 30-year veteran of piano, guitar and composition instruction, West offers her students weekly 45-minute lessons on a semester basis. With degrees in music education (University of Maryland) and music composition/studio production (University of Miami), she combines tradition and innovation in fun ways for students of all ages and abilities.

With beginners, West recommends that students practice on an acoustic piano as soon as possible, but will allow keyboards in the first month of lessons. With adults, West is particularly interested in bringing a student back to a previous level of musical skill and expression. In West’s Mac-based studio, lessons are about composition, music sequencing, recording and mix down. She can help students plan for a successful recording session. West believes everyone is musically expressive and encourages students to be patient and not to be critical.

Call Carol West at 772-228-8720 to schedule an interview or to discuss her allergy-free policy, a student's interest and level of ability. 

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