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6 Easy Changes for Better Health and Weight Loss

Jul 31, 2015 11:50AM ● By Donna Weston

 1. Drink Water before a Meal

Numerous studies show that people who are attempting to lose weight often lose faster if they drink a glass of water before each meal. The water lends a sense of fullness, leading to fewer calories being consumed during the meal. Drinking water before eating also increases overall hydration and boosts your metabolism by up to 3 percent. Replace sugary drinks with water which is a healthier alternative containing no calories.


  1. Eat Breakfast
    Breakfast really can be the most important meal of the day. Starting your morning with healthy proteins and carbohydrates not only fuels you for the moment, but people who eat breakfast are shown to eat fewer calories throughout the day.


  1. Take the Stairs Whenever Possible
    Every step counts. Taking the stairs means you are burning calories without needing to go to the gym or find extra time in your schedule. If you need to go up several flights and can’t walk the entire way, climb as far as you can before taking the elevator.


  1. Get at least 7 Hours of Sleep
    It may not be obvious, but a lack of sleep can actually impede your ability to lose weight. Not only will you feel tired, which causes your body to signal you to eat for energy, but poor sleeping habits sleep can cause excessive cortisol and disrupt the hormones that regulate appetite. Being tired will cause you to feel hungry even if you are not.


  1. Avoid Salt
    Avoiding salt is good for overall health, but limiting salt will also help weight loss. Excess salt makes the body retain water, causing weight gain, and salty foods drive thirst, which you might be tempted to quench with sugary beverages.


  1. Get Active

Have Fun! Move your body in a way that makes you happy. Zumba, hiking, dancing, Pilates, yoga, cross-training, biking, are just a few ideas to get you started. If you love what you are doing, you'll stick to it.

Having struggled with weight issues most of her life, Donna Weston decided to pursue healthier choices for eating and exercise and now coaches others to do the same. To learn more about how to create a simple weight loss plan that works for you, call 321-872-7793 or visit Serving Brevard County.

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