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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

"Why Again" Workshops in Kissimmee

Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce will host their workshop series Why Is This Happening To Me…Again? and Healing the Whole Woman. The events cover responsibility communication, codependence, healing through relationships, purpose, personal power, commitment, hands on energy fieldwork, and more.

““Why is this happening to me again” is what all of us feel at one time or another if we are open and honest,” says Dr. Ryce. “We feel this way because our unconscious habits of mind keep bringing the same types of people and events into our lives repeatedly, and will continue to do so until we change the mental patterns that attract such outcomes. The workshop offers a coherent system for change so we can remove the self-defeating obstacles that block our way and open up to the real path that awaits us in life.

Workshops will be held April 17 to 25 at The Heritage Park Inn in Kissimmee. For more information visit or call 954-205-4996