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Hearing Loss Linked to Dementia: Matthew Cramer

Do you have to ask people to repeat themselves? Do people tell you the T.V. is too loud? Do you hear people but have difficulty understanding the words clearly? Do you have difficulty hearing conversations in crowded places? Has anyone told you that you may need to have your hearing checked? If you said yes to more than one of these questions then join Matthew Cramer as he explains the signs and impact of hearing loss.

Cramer will discuss hearing healthcare including Johns Hopkins University’s study on clinical links between untreated hearing loss and the risk factors of dementia. Learn the signs that indicate you may need a hearing evaluation. Find out whether hearing aids can help resolve hearing issues and what to look for when choosing them.

Matthew Cramer has worked for Florida Medical Hearing Centers since 2008 and has now assumed the position of General Manager and public awareness liaison. He is interested in helping people enhance and maintain their quality of life through improved hearing. Mr. Cramer loves keeping up with the latest hearing research and technology as doing so enables him to touch the lives of individuals who wouldn’t otherwise know help exists. Helping his patients to resume their place in their perspective societies has become Mr. Cramer’s passion.

Florida Medical Hearing Center has locations in Indian Harbour Beach, Melbourne and Merritt Island. For more information, visit their booth on Sponsor Row or visit