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Whole-body Dental Health at Health Connections Dentistry

Feb 02, 2015 11:49AM

Dr. Claire Stagg is accepting new patients for whole-body oriented dental exams. “Oral hygiene can tell a lot about a person including their habits, home care and even their general attitude,” says Dr. Stagg. “Dental health can provide clues to the health of the entire body.”

 Plaque can harbor bacteria and pathogens and if these deposits harden under the gum line they can lead to periodontal disease; symptoms include red, puffy, swollen, and bleeding gums. “Diseased tissue, gums and pockets can harbor bacteria that can become toxic and are directly correlated to diabetes and pancreatic cancer,” says Dr. Stagg. “It can also cause serious health concerns such as premature births or low birth weight in babies in pregnant women. Even halitosis (bad breath) is a symptom that needs to be addressed.”

Dr. Stagg, Health Connections Dentistry, 2120 Highway A1A, Indian Harbour Beach. 321-777-2797,

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