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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Oriental Medicine for Peace of Mind in Merritt Island

Anna Collings, Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, is accepting patients in her Merritt Island office. She offers acupuncture, healing herbs and foods, as well as qigong classes and craniosacral therapy.

“Often times we think the body needs a boost of exercise for the New Year. Our minds are focused on the process of feeling better both physically and emotionally. When the mind is allowed to make room for peace between the stresses of getting into shape, getting somewhere, or getting more of what we need, there is room for all we need for healing. These modalities offer a way to focus our minds on new paths so we can set our sights on vitality, joy and wellness. When meridians are stimulated by mindfulness via meditation, touch and the intake of breath and foods, the gates are opened for freedom of circulation. Relief of pain, ‘dis-ease’ and dysfunction of various types are possible when circulation is opened again.”

Anna Collings, AP, DOM., located at 1375 N. Courtenay Blvd. Merritt Island. For more information, visit, or call for an appointment at 321-289-1560.