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Getting Back on the Wagon

Dec 02, 2014 03:27PM

Falling off the wagon is easy. It is getting back on the wagon that people struggle with,” explained Dr. Rebecca Hunton. Dr. Hunton shared her observations with me during one of my visits. She noted that it is much easier to stay on the exercise wagon than to climb back on once we have gotten out of the habit. I feel like an expert at falling off and jumping on since it is a regular occurrence. For me, it is staying on that is the challenge. It is a trend I’ve noticed among many of my “mom friends.” We do our best to get an exercise routine going and inevitably something kid-related takes priority and boom – back off the wagon. The key to fitness for a mom seems to be flexibility and forgiveness. In other words, being flexible in scheduling exercise and being able to forgive yourself when it just doesn’t work out that day.

In our Fitbody column [page 22] Susan Davis-Ali, points to research that suggests people that engage in activities appropriate for their personalities enjoy their workout more and are likely to stay with them longer. She defines six categories that assess and capture the way we may feel about exercise. I fit into more than one fitness personality category. I also noticed that the category that worked for me in my twenties when I was young and bursting with energy doesn’t fit for me anymore. The glaring contradiction for me is that I am typically one that relishes routine, however, as a mom that side of my personality has taken a backseat for the last twenty years. Maybe when my nest is empty I will embrace routine again!

This time of year is filled with gestures from the heart to spread love and joy. We offer you inspiration for spirited action in our feature article Sacred Activism [page 28]. Consider surrendering to silence to allow your true nature to shine through in our Inspiration column [page 30]. Discover tasty rituals that deepen the holiday spirit and festive recipes in our Conscious Eating column [page 31]. Find beauty solutions to help you pamper yourself the natural and safe way [page 34]. Then be sure and check our healthy ideas for gift giving in our Holiday Gift Guide on page 26.

From all of us at Natural Awakenings, we wish you a joyous and healthy holiday season!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher


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