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“Is the Earth Dying” Presentation on YouTube

Dec 02, 2014 03:01PM

Susan Keiffer, Master Herbalist and Iridologist, has uploaded her talk Sustainability and Its Impact on Human Health” to YouTube at Sustainability: Is the Earth Dying.

In the talk, Keiffer discusses what has been happening to the food supply and its direct effect on human health. She asks, “With so many things going extinct at a rate 1,000 times faster than normal, what percentage is actually left?” Keiffer investigates the signs, contrasts statistics with what is happening simultaneously to humans and their health and directly analyzes the coincidences in these two areas to explore the bigger hidden meaning.

“You will leave feeling inspired and more in control of your life,” states Keiffer.”

For more information or to order her books, contact Keiffer at 772-581-2746 or [email protected]. The talk is available at

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