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Envy Organics Products

Nancy James, BS, LMT, FS is a cosmetic chemist and consultant to Envy Organics, which offers all-natural hair, sun and skin care products.

“Products applied daily to skin, scalp, hands, feet and lips may be absorbed through the skin”, states James. “Want proof? Prescription skin patches provide birth control, smoking cessation, nausea or pain relief. Topical creams treat erectile dysfunction or hot flashes. So after years of voluntarily applying your favorite personal care products to exposed skin, what are you dosed with?” asks James.

“Is it chemical stew? Parabens lengthen shelf life but mimic estrogen, implicated in premature puberty and breast cancer. Triclosan, in antimicrobial soap and sanitizers, mimics testosterone, implicated in erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer. Silicones give smoother feel but may be linked to autoimmune disorders, dry, irritated and clogged skin. Sulfates stiffen foam but irritate and may aggrevate skin disorders. Quaternium salts make hair shiny but are extremely toxic to amphibians in run-off water.”

James offers a solution “Envy Organics products start with Aloe Vera juice, not water, followed by natural, food grade or better, ingredients that are pronounceable, biodegradable and a safe alternative for personal care.”

Nancy James, Envy Organics, 321-693-7007,