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Say Yes to Family Yoga

“We could do family yoga!” This was my suggestion during a breakfast out with my husband and boys one Saturday morning. We were discussing ways to get everyone active. However, the only one who took this suggestion to heart is my teenage football player. He understands the importance of flexibility for his sport, which provides an intrinsic motivation. However, my oldest son, the computer science major, is not convinced.

In our article, Say Yes to Yoga [page 20] certified Baptiste yoga instructor Lois Parker Carmona says, “Many of us are so busy and consumed with the constant motion of day-to-day activities that we lose complete track of who we are, along with the state of our bodies.” This is certainly the experience for my friends and myself. We have had many lunchtime discussions about how easy it is to ‘fall off the exercise wagon’ and so much harder to climb back on. Each month, Natural Awakenings introduces a new health tidbit or inspiration into my life. Working with the magazine this month has reenergized and motivated me to try a new class.

In this issue you’ll find the benefits of yoga and how it boosts health, peace, and community. We’ve spotlighted local instructors and their yoga specialties to inspire you to try a class. Then to reward yourself after your fitness excursion, indulge in a massage. In our massage feature you will discover how massage has the power to repair the body, reverse the blues, and much more. You’ll find local massage therapists featured with their specialties to help choose the one for you [page 24]. Then on page 30 learn how caregivers can nurture themselves while helping another.

One of my favorite benefits of this magazine is it that it helps people make connections. This month, I hope you find a yoga instructor or massage therapist that can assist you on your journey of healthy living choices. For my son the college student, perhaps I need to motivate him by finding a yoga class near campus filled with college-aged girls! That might be just the inspiration he needs.

Here’s to your health!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher