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New Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

Neurostim microcurrent point stimulation is a new technology now offered at Health For Life for peripheral neuropathy. Pain, numbness, tingling, sensitivity, and sleepless nights are typical symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. “While prescription medications can lower pain levels, they do not get rid of the pain or change other symptoms,” says Susan Jackson. “Physical Therapy can improve the balance issues that often result from neuropathy, but is ineffective at treating the basic symptoms.”

After 25 years as a Physical Therapist, Jackson states, "It is so great to finally have real solutions to offer my clients."

Jackson adds that blocked nerve function can be corrected in the body to allow nerves to return to their normal state. Zinc supplementation, given when zinc levels are low, stimulates better nerve conduction.

Patients of Health For Life are giving great reviews on the new treatment. Some report greater feeling in the feet and elimination of burning, shooting pain.

To schedule a free Peripheral Neuropathy Consultation, including testing for zinc deficiency, call Health For Life, 321-259-0555, 402 N. Babcock St, Suite 101, Melbourne.