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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Inner Light Sound Healing Experience at Sacred Gardens House of Healing

Cinnamon Carroll, owner and director of Sacred Gardens House of Healing, announces Inner Light Sound Healing Experience sessions lead by her and John Ruch. These sessions will incorporate the following body andmind self-healing techniques; Crystal/Tibetan singing bowls, which provide soothing harmonic tones.; therapeutic grade aromatherapy to support and calm the body and mind; combined healing modalities using inner light, Reiki and archangel energies.

“The harmonic tones and vibrations of the bowls carry into the etheric and physical fields, transforming our bodies into a sympathetic resonator. This synchronizes and equalizes our chakras, while pure energetic healing combined with aromatherapy enters the subtle body together creating relaxing, stress relieving, and deep balancing of the body, mind and spirit,” explains Carroll.

The schedule for group sessions can be viewed at Schedule a Private Session in the healing room at 321-821-2389. Sacred Gardens House of Healing, 916 Columbus Ave, Melbourne.