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Herbal Remedies at Health Revival

At Health Revival, Lisa Kittel works with herbal remedies, which offer no side effects for her clients. Her goal is not to just mask symptoms, but root out the sources causing the symptoms, aiding the body to heal itself.

“Within our bodies there is chemical communication, also known as chemical messengers. The chemical messenger and its receptor site fit together like a hand and a glove,” states Kittel.

There are chemicals (both natural and manmade) that have the right molecular shape to attach to receptor sites to stimulate or inhibit them. Natural chemicals will go directly to the source of imbalance and work to heal and bring the body back into balance naturally. “Pharmaceuticals do not balance the body, rather they ease symptoms or kill bacteria. Sometimes treatment with pharmaceuticals allows illness to re-surface, because the underlying condition still exists,” says Kittel. “Manmade chemicals also have side-effects, which can be a serious detriment. Natural herbal remedies are known to restore and revive health at the source and lend minor, if any, side effects.”

Health Revival with Lisa, 4100 N Wickham Rd, Ste 113, Melbourne. 321-480-0514.