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Leafy Greens, Fruits, and Nuts!

Researching natural approaches for diabetes has certainly amped up my grocery shopping. This month’s feature, Rethinking Diabetes, has honed my nutrition mindset. I am now focused on purple fruits and vegetables. I have a handful of almonds each day. Plus, I am trying to incorporate more legumes into my food choices. I’ve learned how much our lifestyle choices can impact our chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Diabetes can lead to painful complications including neuropathy, most commonly nerve damage in the feet resulting in a loss of sensation. Now that I have reviewed the potential side effects, I am properly motivated to stick to my morning walk.

According to our Fitbody column [page 16], “The Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention reveals that 10,000 daily steps help lower blood pressure, shed pounds, decrease stress, and reduce the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.” I may have to download the app to count my steps while I walk. Then I can make sure I reach 10,000 steps and maybe even set some new goals.

While considering the wealth of information on preventing diabetes, it occurred to me that incorporating more opportunities for my boys to learn cooking skills would be a valuable gift for them to have. With a history of diabetes up both sides of their family tree, it is a habit that could certainly pay dividends. Plus, a little more kitchen help is always welcomed.

In this issue you’ll find local resources spotlighted to help you make healthy lifestyle changes to prevent or manage diabetes [page 25]. Discover some tips to keep those feet moving on page 16. Find out how telling our truth can set us free and impact our cells [page 27]. And Panache Desai shares his advice on unleashing your unlimited potential on page 19.

I hope you find inspiration in this issue to kick off a healthy summer. Plus, be sure to share some healthy lifestyle tips with your dad for Father’s Day.

Happy Father’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher