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A Gentle Approach to Child Health Care

Children’s HealthCare of Brevard continues to offer alternative medicine, as well as traditional medicine, for the children of Brevard County. Nurse Practitioner and owner, Margaret Witzleb, attends an intensive program on clinical homeopathy in Fort Lauderdale one weekend each month. This allows her to provide increasingly more information and more alternatives for her patients and their families.

Witzleb’s knowledge base is broadening and her skills with homeopathy and Chinese herbs are expanding, which she feels is in not only her best interest but in the best interest of the children and families she serves.

“Both viral and bacterial childhood illnesses can be treated effectively with homeopathic remedies and with Chinese herbs,” says Witzleb. “Of course there are some illness entities that do require a traditional approach, but alternative and traditional can work very well together.”

Alternative immunization schedules are still available; however, should the parents choose not to immunize, children will not be denied health care based on their immunization status. “If being listened to as a parent is important to you, and if a more gentle approach to child health care is important to you then give us a call,” says Witzleb.

Children’s HealthCare of Brevard, Margaret Witzleb. 321-775-0477. Patients are seen by appointment only.