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Space Girl Organics


Space Girl Organics is a delivery service providing organic fruits and vegetables to homes and offices. Participants sign up to receive one of the various sized boxes of fruits, vegetables or a combination of the two, delivered to a home or office on a weekly or every other week basis. The upcoming week's menu is posted online on Friday evening or early Saturday morning. Boxes can be customized based on preference, and changes to delivery schedule can be made via their user friendly website. Organic deliciousness is delivered to your home or office on your set delivery day.

For owner Lucinda Clark her business is personal. Clark’s father passed away when she was a child leaving her mother with a farm and six mouths to feed. Without the input capital it takes for commercial row cropping, Clark’s mother worked two jobs to provide for her family and keep her home. Oftentimes they went hungry.

Clark has made it her mission to help small family farms, not unlike the one she grew up on, to be financially independent outside of big agriculture and to create a marketplace for those that dare to challenge the norm of conventional farming. Clark is passionate about organics because “when you remove all the cheats of nature that conventional farming uses such as pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs then what you are left with is a farmer working in tandem with nature.”

Clark feels that the playing field between big agriculture and small farms is leveled and those that end up on top are those who work the hardest. The little guys like Clark’s brother, who farm because they love it, are never outworked. “Being as I know what it is like to feel the pangs of hunger as a child, we donate all left over produce to the Daily Bread, a soup kitchen and food distribution center for other food banks in Brevard County,” says Clark. “We also collect an "item of the week" from our customers (like toothpaste, or jeans, and sometimes even underwear) to go to the Daily Bread to be distributed to the homeless.”

Clark is grateful for the selfless souls that helped her mother in her time of need. Her experience supports her belief that all of us working together can do great things in our community and our world.

For more information visit or call 321-821-7610.