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All About Neem

Pamela Stanford has been formulating and perfecting Neem-based products for over six years. She founded All About Neem, a company that produces quality organic Neem-based health and beauty care products.

Stanford’s work is a result of her personal quest to find a natural remedy for her own family’s health issues. While searching for a way to cleanse and detox the body from parasites, pathogens, chemicals and pharmaceutical toxins, she encountered the Ancient Tree of Life, the Neem Tree. This tree has been in use in India for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. Upon discovering that the Neem Tree would thrive in the Florida climate, she purchased fresh seeds and starting growing Neem on her family’s organic farm. Stanford’s family has gone from making Neem products for their own personal use, to creating a family business dedicated to making a product line focused on internal health and skin care.

Since using Neem, Stanford’s family has experienced improved health. “We now feel refreshed and a lot of pain and inflammation has melted away,” she says. In this family business they uniquely formulate and use their products before they sell them.

In addition, Stanford is dedicated to educating people about natural alternatives to pharmaceutical chemicals.  Stanford received her BS from Florida State University and her Masters from Rollins College and has been involved in publishing, education and manufacturing.

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