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Dr. Amelia Kemp


Dr. Amelia Kemp is a licensed psychotherapist and metaphysician - bridging spiritual and metaphysical principles with mental health; and author of: From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy® - a self-help book that is the 1st of its kind to offer alternative and holistic descriptions and healing processes for 170 mental and emotional diagnoses worldwide.  Dr. Kemp states that she wrote this book to:


  • help people understand their intrinsic value and worth,
  • remove stigma and pathology from mental and emotional health,
  • free people from toxic conditioning, beliefs and memes that interfere with living the life they came forth to live,
  • and help people heal and realign with their own inner knowing' - the therapist within."

Dr. Kemp has been a psychotherapist for 18 years and in private practice for 12. She is a Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner with a master degree in Mental Health Counseling and a non-traditional doctorate in Metaphysical Theology.  She is the CEO of the Sacretherapy® Institute - a division of the Southern Institute For Family and Community Preservation, Inc.

She is also a State Certified Clinical Supervisor for Mental Health Professionals seeking licensure and a mental health educator. She is a former Director of Mental Health Counseling within the School Board where President Clinton's Secretary of Labor visited her program giving it national acclaim. She is also a former Adjunct Psychology Instructor for two colleges; and has lectured and conducted workshops for numerous organizations. As a metaphysician, she is also a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and holds the ministerial ordination.

Born with the gift of vocal music, she introduces her own unique version of music therapy and psychodrama into group work, workshops and retreats.

Her Personal Journey

Dr. Kemp shares, "I healed myself. I believe you can too!"

Dr. Kemp became a psychotherapist 18 years ago because she was able to heal herself from the pangs of anxiety and depression, and wanted to assist others in their healing. Traditional psychotherapy was helpful, but it was also through the very holistic healing that she prescribes that assisted her in successfully aligning her own mind, body and spirit.

Therefore, when asked about what she came out of, she says emphatically and joyfully: "That's history! I need not go back there, for I have already lived it, survived it, and been transformed by it. My focus is on "today" and what life and joy I can experience today, in this precious present moment of now." Dr. Kemp strives to offer others guidance so they can attain their own peace of mind, unencumbered by yesterday, and with the highest quality of life possible.

For more information visit or Sacretherapy®.com. Listen to her radio show at®