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Help with Happiness

Jill Whittamore is the owner of Help with Happiness and a successful Life Transformation Coach, who helps working women face their fears, bulldoze obstacles, and successfully transition into the entrepreneur women they have always dreamed to become. Whittamore is the author of The Pink Toolbox, an easy-to-read, self-help book geared towards women offering many proven tools to help people achieve dreams and goals. The Pink Toolbox includes questions and practices that get readers to look at all areas of life differently and puts them on the path to taking new and empowered actions to create the life they truly deserve. The book includes information on EFT, visualization, thought energy, values, gratitude, forgiveness and much more.

Whittamore is a speaker, workshop facilitator, AADP Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and EFT Practitioner. She offers coaching, online classes, and an online blog.

Whittamore believes that to change your circumstances you must change what you’re thinking. “I am not simply talking about positive thinking. My suggestion is to pay attention to what you are thinking and feeling. Look around your life and begin to notice how your thoughts are affecting your life,” says Whittamore. “Thoughts are energy, everything is energy, and the chair you are sitting on is a form of energy.”

Purchase the Pink Toolbox online at or the e-book at Balboa Press. One dollar from every book goes to local and national charities for prevention of violence against women and the support of women recovering from abuse. Reach the author, JIll Whittamore, at 1-877-454-4529 or [email protected] 

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