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Health Revival Opens

Lisa Kittel, CNHP, announces the opening of Health Revival in Melbourne. Health Revival utilizes “Functional Blood Analysis,” which looks at the data from a blood report using proprietary software to look past the symptoms and focus on the body system. Kittel reviews the analysis and uses her 20 years of natural healthcare experience to develop an approach to bring the patient’s body back into balance using all natural supplements and herbal remedies.

“For instance, many people are being treated for acid reflux by taking antacids or the little purple pill. But did you know that in many cases acid reflux is related to issues with the liver. You could take pills for ever to help with the acid reflux symptoms but never really treat the root cause, the liver,” says Kittel. “This is just one example of how a Functional Blood Analysis can look beyond the symptoms to identify a root cause for a medical condition.”

Call 321-480-0514 for an initial consult or to schedule your Functional Blood Analysis at Health Revival, 4100 N Wickham Rd, Ste 113, Melbourne.