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In May of 2004 my sister, Laurie, and I were fortunate to spend some time with our grandmother before she passed. When we arrived in South Carolina she was under hospice care. She had times of lucidity and times of being elsewhere. She would often take her index finger and trace the edges of her body as if trying to figure out where she was in space. We also witnessed several one-sided conversations with her loved ones that had already passed. As we observed what was happening we imagined what she might be experiencing. The experience was profound as well as comforting and we enjoyed many discussions regarding life after death.

In our feature article, Near Death Experiences, Proof of Life After Death, the author explores the experiences reported by a cancer survivor, scientist and a neurosurgeon. Jill Bolte Taylor, a PhD Harvard trained scientist, became witness to her own stroke. “As her left brain shut down, Taylor lost her ability to process all language; with her mind suspended in newfound silence, she experienced an unprecedented sense of deep peace. She also experienced an inability to visually distinguish edges and boundaries between herself and the outer world. “ Taylor says, “Absent conventional orientation, I could actually see that my skin was not my physical boundary.” If my grandmother was having a similar experience it would explain her need to trace the edges of her body.

Taylor also shares that “As a result of such a glorious state of blissful realization that I am—as we all are—connected to everything and everyone around us, I no longer see myself as a single, solid entity, separate from other human beings.” This concept is repeated in many reported Near Death Experiences (NDEs). There are many correlations but the main emphasis among the reports is essentially that we are love and are here to love each other.

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Happy Holidays!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher