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All About Neem Goes National

Pam Stanford, CEO of All About Neem, Inc. in Indian Harbor Beach recently took her local Neem tree based organic health and wellness products to a national level.

What started out as Stanford's quest to restore her health through a natural cure led her to learn about the healing benefits of the Indian Neem tree. As a result, Stanford developed the formulas that have become the cornerstone of All About Neem’s product line.

All About Neem carries a distinct line of health and wellness products that contain pure 100% organic natural ingredients and naturally extracted essential oils. Only sustainable harvesting methods are used to collect the Neem leaves, seeds and bark used in the products.

“Several of the best selling health products within the All About Neem supplement line are firsts in the health and wellness industry,” states Stanford. “All About Neem is the only U.S. based company to carry the highest potency of Neem leaf capsules with Neem extract. It is also the only Neem and Moringa blend of capsules for detoxification and antioxidant supplementation in the U.S.”

For more information on Neem and to purchase products, visit the company website at