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Natural Pain Relief Product Available

Nov 26, 2013 06:02PM

Jennifer Hawthorne is please to announce that in July the FDA added a small, simple product called PowerStrips to its list of class 1 medical devices “for relief of pain and discomfort, and the look and feel of skin.”

This small, paper-thin patch that can be applied anywhere on the body. “It contains 100% safe, all-natural ingredients (Korean red ginseng, ionic silver, and marine phytoplankton) with an exclusive wave-form technology that delivers far-infrared (FIR) waves 24/7 when applied to the body—taking the nutrients deep into the cells and tissues,” says Hawthorne.

“Results show relief within minutes, days, or weeks for a multitude of pain issues, ranging from neck, back, wrist, and joint pain to better sleep, relief from hot flashes, faster recovery time from surgery and athletic performance,” says Hawthorne. “Consistent use has been found to resolve even long-term pain-related issues.”

For more information, visit or contact Jennifer Hawthorne at 772-774-8260 or [email protected] 

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