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Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio Offers Hivamat®

Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio is pleased to offer the Histological Variable Manual Technique (Hivamat), a device that has recently been approved by the FDA. Originating in Germany, it works by delivering gentle electrostatic pulses to a depth greater than possible through physical or massage therapy. “The pulses break apart scar tissue, acids, and built up proteins, with the added bonus of removing waste from the body,” says NEED NAME HERE.

Beachside Physical Therapy and Health Studio practitioners have been using this device for more than five years and have seen positive results. Beachside uses Hivamat for sports injuries, surgery aftercare, muscle tissue relaxation, chronic pain and lymphatic drainage. “One of the benefits of Hivamat is that it provides deep penetration therapy without the pressure usually associated with that,” says NEED NAME HERE. Hivamat procedures can be part of other treatment sessions or can be done as a separate procedure.

Beachside Physical Therapy & Health Studio, 1220 N Hwy A1A, Ste 115, Indialantic. 321-725-2267.

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