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Fruit and Vegetable Supplement Product Available

Zsofia Remenyi pleased to announce Flavon health products are now locally available. Flavon is a Hungarian product and the result of 40 years of research of Hungarian biochemist Professor Dr. Zoltan Dinya, who was the student of the Nobel prize winning researcher, Albert Szentgyorgyi, who discovered vitamin C. The product is formulated as a jam and each jar contains 10 organic fruits, 11 organic vegetables and 8000 antioxidants. “The product offers traditional great tasting flavors and ensures effective absorption of vitamins, flavonoids and minerals with an absorption rate of 90-95%,” says Remenyi.

“The product is raw and contains the essence of pure, non-GMO and biologically mature fruits and/or vegetables meeting strict European standards in a synergistic combination of many ingredients traditionally used in folk medicine,” says Remenyi.

“There are so many things in fruits, including enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, such as flavonoids and poliphenols that come from the plant pigments found in the skin especially of dark colored fruits,” says Remenyi. “Many of these nutrients get lost in the process of extracting them and turning them into pills and liquid supplements, which results in absorption rates of just 3-25%. Consuming biologically mature fresh fruits and vegetables supports the proper biological function of our bodies, achieves chemo-prevention of disease and slows down aging.”

Zsofia Remenyi is a massage therapist dedicated to healthy living. For more information call her at 321-506-5548.