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HerCare of Brevard: Titusville

Dr. Donna G. Ivery's traditional gynecology practice is now HerCare of Brevard (formerly ONA-GYN), offering a wide range of services for today's woman in a relaxing spa-like environment. Healthcare professionals at HerCare of Brevard strive to educate patients concerning appropriate perspectives on health and wellness, including risk factors and what they mean for women. It's a little-known fact that 500,000 women will die of heart disease in the US each year, while about 60,000 will die of breast cancer. The message here is, "Don't have a heart attack worrying about your breasts!"

When it comes to breast health, it's important to distinguish between the different options for screening; each has pros and cons. Digital thermographic imaging (thermography) is an FDA approved testing method providing very early detection, but it cannot distinguish benign from malignant abnormalities. Mammography, while FDA approved with new guidelines for testing, involves exposure to radiation. To learn more about risk factors, screening methods, and what they mean for you, HerCare of Brevard offers consultations.

HerCare of Brevard continues to provide gynecologic services, functional medicine, weight management, breast thermography, as well as a wide range of spa services within the CareSpa. Patients receive care from a functional medicine approach, including targeted testing and appropriate herbal, bioidentical, or pharmaceutical remedies.

HerCare of Brevard is located at 4346 S. Hopkins Ave. in Titusville. 321-267-3787