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Home Electromedicine Therapy Available

Jacqueline Panting, ND, is happy to announce that electromedicine is an advanced form of therapy that is now becoming popular when other forms of treatment fail. “Studies have shown that disease and aging are directly related to the body’s production of free radicals”, says Dr. Panting. “If we directly quench those tissue-damaging toxins, people experience relief of pain and often healing will begin.”

Integrity Research institute coined the phrase “electronic antioxidants” because the electrons from the Premier Junior handheld electrotherapy unit actively terminate free radicals by abundantly supplying the key ingredient of encapsulated antioxidant supplements…the electron.

“Indeed, such a pattern of confirmation has been found through our preliminary studies before and after electrotherapy with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner which tests for carotenoid (vitamin A) levels in the blood which rise when free radicals fall,” says Dr. Panting. “Our clients report pain relief as the bodily feedback to quenching free radicals.”

For more information visit or call 800-295-7674 or 301-220-0440. Integrity Research Institute is located at 5020 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 209, Beltsville MD 20705 with an office in Titusville as well.