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Bringing Naturopathic Medicine to Florida

Currently in the state of Florida, Naturopathic Doctors are not licensed. This means that choosing a doctor who has been medically trained and specializes in naturopathic treatment options can be a challenge. “Right now, anyone can claim to be a naturopathic doctor -- even if they received only online training,” says Dr. Jennifer Southard. “This is creating much confusion in the community and among medical professionals about what a naturopathic doctor is.”

The Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association (FNPA) is actively working legislatively to bring medically trained naturopathic doctors and the choice of naturopathic medicine to Florida. “Bringing the choice of naturopathic medicine to Florida will position Florida as a leader in providing practical solutions and bring much needed relief to the primary care shortages we are experiencing today,” states FNPA President Dr. Adam Tice. “Right now, the FNPA is offering the tremendous opportunity to the citizens of Florida to become a part of this movement and let your voice be heard.” To join as a member or a corporate sponsor, visit for more information.

Dr. Adam Tice,  and Dr. Jennifer Southard, owners of New Earth Natural Wellness, LLC, 105 S. Riverside Dr. Ste110, Indialantic., 321-914-3900.