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Natural Therapies to Support Cancer Recovery

Jul 29, 2013 04:14PM ● By Rebecca Hunton, MD

Traditional treatments for cancer can be augmented with immune strengthening and wellness promoting strategies. One of the most prevalent issues is nutrient depletion often seen in cancer patients due to the treatments themselves. Chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells which include the cells of the gastrointestinal tract where nutrients are absorbed. Impaired intestinal absorption is common and can be compounded by lack of appetite and pervasive nausea. Tests are available to determine nutrient levels and insufficiencies. The results can be used to target specific nutrient replenishment. One method of replenishing nutrients is through Intravenous Therapy which enables the patient to receive high dose of vitamins and minerals resulting in more energy and faster recovery. When we use IV administration of nutrients, we bypass the ‘gut’ and deliver them directly to the cells that need them. There are several studies where nutritional support has been documented to enhance both quality of life and survival.

A patients’ genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures can be important factors that can prevent future disease while at the same time extinguishing the fire that allows cancer to exist. For example, insulin, a hormone that contributes to blood sugar balance, has been shown to promote cancer when elevated. By altering diet and lowering insulin, we can in effect starve cancer cells. In addition, our environment can contain toxins that predispose the development of cancer. Identifying toxicity and developing a comprehensive detoxification strategy facilitates healing and the prevention of future disease. Finally stress, that pervasive part of life, if mismanaged leads to immune system disruptions that allow cancer to occur (along with other chronic diseases). Key laboratory values can actually quantify the unseen affect stress is having on our body. There are many natural substances such as the adaptogenic herbs which help support adrenal/stress response function. Additionally, yoga, meditation and prayer, exercise, acupuncture, Chi Quong and other modalities can help defuse and dispel the negative consequences of a stressful life.

Rebecca Hunton, MD specializes in integrative medicine, combining holistic remedies with conventional medical techniques. Radiantly Healthy MD is located at 8725 N Wickham Road, Suite 202 in Viera Medical Center. For more information call 321-254-6803. 

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