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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Zen Ranch Offers Coaching and Energy Work

Zen Ranch offers clients an eclectic, down-to-earth, natural mixture of serious business and skills combined with bits of pure horseplay and a healthy portion of horse sense, bringing a fresh perspective to life’s challenges. Harness the power of mind, body and spirit with Zen Ranch Life Purpose Hand Analysis and Coaching, Equine Assisted Coaching, Bars Access Consciousness and energy work for home and business.

Owner of Zen Ranch, Eileen Tighe, has been an international corporate coach, facilitator and speaker for 20 years and has more than 10 years experience in life purpose, joy-focused energy wellness care. Tighe’s personal style affords a friendly atmosphere to create positive forward motion.

Tighe enjoys working with like-minded local businesses including the Awareness Center, Affordable Spa and offering Equine Assisted Life Coaching at Kennedy Groves Stables in Merritt Island, an ideal way for non-horse people to connect with horses.

Eileen Tighe, MA40320, licensed and specialty certified, “like” on FaceBook for specials and updates. For a free 20-minute consultation or to book an appointment, contact [email protected] or 321-431-9916.