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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

May 2013 Letter

So this is how people get things done after dinnertime!” I was so stunned to have energy I couldn’t help being in awe of my new found ability to keep on going. I have been on a hormonal journey for the last couple of years. Where I started wasn’t pretty, but with the help of one of our local integrative doctors I am finally on the right path. I went from pain and no energy to feeling much better and having stamina.

Hormones can be a complex issue. We are all unique and women are more complex in their hormonal makeup than men. “Hormones can be a factor in weight gain for perimenopausal and menopausal women so it is important to be tested, says Lisa Ganghu, DO, in our feature article, Aging Gracefully. Ganghu also notes that, “A loss of muscle mass due to aging can affect weight because muscle tissue is metabolically more active than fat tissue, creating a vicious circle.” This is one of those life lessons that no one tells you when you are young, but definitely good to know as the upper arms start to get a little flabby!

Over the last 11 years of publishing Natural Awakenings, I have been fortunate to personally experience the services and products of many of the practitioners found in our pages. These experts have become my first resource for maintaining the health of my own family. Our community is rich with integrative and natural health experts and this month we are proud to feature them in our Women’s Health issue starting on page 20.

In these pages you will also find insight into what food to eat to support your hormones [page 28] and tips for dealing with your teen drama queen [page 32]. Discover natural approaches for menstrual cycle relief [page 16] and learn how to save time, money and sanity by taming your clutter [page 36]. You’ll also be inspired by a local school and their burgeoning environmental movement [page 18]. May is a celebration of women and mothers. I hope this month you share it with the women you love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Kris Urquhart, Publisher