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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Prevention

Drs. Adam Tice and Jennifer Southard, founders of New Earth Natural Wellness, have a unique and proprietary approach to wellness that helps address the crippling effects of chronic disease, diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and stress.

They are offering customized programs and testing for key markers that establish the base-line of wellness and an individual WICO™ Wellness Score (like FICO for your credit, but for wellness). They also provide analysis and programs that are unique in changing lifestyle and food habits to correct unhealthy WICO™ Wellness Scores. “This allows people to wean off their lifestyle induced medications, while promoting long term-wellness,” states Dr. Tice.

“This program is safe and has been effective with over 1 million satisfied patients who have used the programs and services world-wide,” shares Dr. Tice. “If you have an interest in preventing diabetes, pre-diabetes, weight gain, and obesity while decreasing inflammation and reducing stress on the body, this program is for you.”

To schedule a free health assessment and phone consultation with Dr. Tice call 321-914-3900. New Earth Natural Wellness is located at 105 S. Riverside Dr, Suite 110 in Indialantic.