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Space Girl Organics School Fundraiser Program

Feb 28, 2013 08:42PM

Lucinda Clark, owner of Space Girl Organics, has incorporated a successful “item of the week” campaign to benefit the homeless. Customers can donate an item each week, such as toothbrushes or toothpaste, which Space Girl Organics picks up when the customer’s delivery is dropped off. The items are then distributed to the homeless by the Daily Bread. Clark has also started a cooperative program allowing customers to pool their buying power to save money or raise money for a charity and has launched a school fundraiser program.

“I wanted to create a fundraiser program that raises money for the school but isn’t cumbersome for the parents and doesn’t require our children to be door-to-door salesmen,” says Clark.

The school distributes flyers offering patrons a discount on a Space Girl Organics delivery. If someone uses that code, then 5% of their produce purchases are donated back to the school.

Space Girl Organics is a delivery service of farm fresh organic produce to homes and offices throughout Orange and Brevard counties. Find out more at