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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

The Other Talk :What Your Mother Didn't Tell You: Rebecca Hunton, MD

Remember when we were starting puberty and our mothers told us about becoming a woman? Or maybe that health class that segregated the boys and girls for "the talk"?   As we go through our reproductive years and beyond, no one is telling us what we are becoming (or what we can do about it!)  Let's have that Other Talk!  Dr. Hunton will explain a Woman's Hormonal Symphony, and how our lifestyle choices, environment and the aging process affect us.

Dr. Rebecca Hunton, MD, owner of Radiantly Healthy MD, is an Integrative Specialist, combining holistic and traditional therapies to ensure optimal wellness.  She is the Space Coast's only preferred provider for GotProHealth, an association of the NFL and NBA players associations. The practice is also the only designated Center of Excellence by First Line Therapy in our area. She specializes in restorative, functional, and anti-aging medicine as well as metabolic endocrinology – assisting patients in reversing chronic disease and achieving optimal health. Dr. Hunton earned her undergraduate degree at University of Florida and completed her medical training at Ohio State University. She is board certified in Family Medicine, Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, Bariatrics, Geriatrics, and Hospice and Pallative Care and has completed fellowship training in Functional and Integrative Medicine. Joining Dr. Hunton at Radiantly Healthy MD are Robert Traven, DC and Jennifer Schneider, ARNP who expand the service offerings to include Chiropractic Care, Women's Health, Aesthetics and more.

For more information visit her booth on Sponsor Row, call 321-254-6803, or visit